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Mashpee Youth Soccer

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Below is an excerpt from the MYSO By-Laws:

b. Education Scholarship
i. The Education Scholarship Committee shall consist of a minimum of three members in
good standing appointed by the President.
ii. MYSO may award from 1 to 4 scholarships annually totaling up to $2000.00.
iii. A recommendation may be made by the committee not to give out any awards in any
given school year, or to decrease the total amount awarded.
iv. The application process will be handled by the students’ high school, and will be
presented at their high schools’ scholarship award ceremony.
v. To be awarded the MYSO scholarship, the student must meet the following
1. Be a resident of the town of Mashpee.
2. Be a graduating high school senior, accepted to and attending a 2 or 4 year
accredited school or program.
3. Must have three years involvement with MYSO as a player.
4. Must have played soccer at their high school and/or has dedicated time helping
MYSO with coaching, refereeing, or setup and cleanup for games throughout
their high school career.
vi. The selection process will include the application requirements as well as consideration
given to grades, class rank, financial need and community involvement.
vii. Scholarship Awards are based on the decision of the MYSO Education Scholarship
Committee with the approval of the MYSO Board of Directors.