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Mashpee Youth Soccer

Mashpee Youth Soccer Organization


Article 1 - Organization

This organization shall be known as the Mashpee Youth Soccer Organization, hereafter referred to as MYSO.  MYSO will be an affiliated club and join the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) each year to maintain that affiliation.

Article 2 - Purpose
The purpose of MYSO is to develop and promote a vital and exciting soccer program in the town of Mashpee. This will be accomplished through programs designed to educate players, parents and coaches about the sport of soccer and increase public awareness about the game. These programs will provide an opportunity for training and play for all interested parties and shall be designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and fair play.

Article 3 - Membership
I. Any resident of the town of Mashpee shall be eligible for membership without regard to race, creed, color, religion or natural origin.
II. A member in good standing is defined as a member who is not indebted to the organization.
III. Voting members shall be designated as those persons who are in good standing and currently serve on the Board of Directors.

Article 4 - Governing Body
I. The governing body of MYSO will be the Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as the Board.  The Executive Board (Officers) will consist of President, Vice President, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President.  The Board at Large will consist of Coaching Director, SCSL Spring Director, Referee Assignor, SCSL Alternate and Members at Large.  The number of at large Board members shall not exceed nine.
II. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the AGM, providing the nominee agrees to have his or her name placed on the ballot.  All officers are eligible for re-election.  Election will be decided by a simple majority vote of all Board members present as long as the quorum is met.
III. Elected officers will assume office upon adjournment of the AGM.  Officers shall hold office for a one year term, to expire at the adjournment of the AGM of the following year.
IV. If an officer resigns, the President shall have the authority to appoint an interim officer.  The term of the interim officer shall last until the next AGM at which time an election will be held.
V.  The Board may remove any Board member with or without cause by a vote of the majority of the Board, provided that written or electronic notice of such intent is given to the member in question and an opportunity to be heard by the Board, prior to action thereon.

Article 5 - Meetings
I. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held each November for the purposes of reviewing the past year’s activities, discuss and vote on any changes to the constitution, to review and discuss any changes to the by-laws under which the Organization conducts its programs, to elect officers, and any other business that the Board may deem necessary.  Notice of the AGM shall be provided to all members at least seven days in advance, as well as posted on our website.
II. Meeting minutes are to be available to any members that request them in accordance to 501(c) requirements.
III. The Board will schedule a monthly meeting each month as deemed necessary by The Board.
IV.  Special meetings maybe called by the President as necessary.
V.  A majority of the current active Board members shall constitute a quorum.

Article 6 - Rules of Procedure
I. The Board has the power and authority to deal with any matters not explicitly covered by the Constitution or By-laws.
II. All matters of policy shall be decided at MYSO meetings, which are open to all members of the club.
III. The Board is empowered to conduct the business of MYSO between meetings of the Board.
IV. All matters of policy shall be decided by a simple majority vote, except where noted.
V. In case of uncertainty about procedures, “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern all meetings.

Article 7 - Amendments to the Constitution
I. Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any Board member.
II. The proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary in writing or electronically; then distributed by the Secretary to all Board members at least seven days prior to a meeting for discussion or voting.
III. Consent by two thirds (2/3) of the voting members shall be required to approve amendments to this constitution.

Revised November 2020

Approved November 2020