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Mashpee Youth Soccer

Mashpee Youth Soccer Organization


Article 1

General Guidelines

I.   MYSO shall provide a spring and fall program

II.   The spring program shall consist of competitive traveling teams. Teams will be fielded as coaches, fields, players and equipment allow. All attempts will be made to accommodate all of the players who have signed up. Equal playing time is not guaranteed for the spring program.

III.   The fall program will be to support the existing town recreation programs and create travel teams

IV.   where appropriate. The goal of the fall program will be player and coach development. MYSO will

V.   provide equal playing opportunity for boys and girls.

VI.  The Board is responsible for the final design and execution of the soccer program throughout the year. Any matters of policy or direction shall be their responsibility.

Article 2

Board of Directors Duties and Responsibilities

I.   The Executive Board (not including the Immediate Past President) shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

II.   The Coaching Director, SCSL Spring Director, SCSL Alternate and Referee Assignor will be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board.

III.   The Board shall approve all team coaches, assistant coaches and managers on an annual basis.

IV.   The Board will be responsible for attending to all matters that come before it and the overall organization of MYSO.

V.   Each Board member, subject to these By-laws, have in addition to the duties specifically set forth in these By-laws, other duties and powers as the Board may from time to time designate.

VI.   The duties of the President shall be to:

a.   Schedule and set agenda for all meetings.

b.   Preside over all meetings as the Chairman of the Board.

c.   Serve as the official representative of MYSO.

d.   Be an authorized signature for checks.

e.   Cast a vote only to break a tie or election of officers at the AGM.

VII.   The duties of the Vice President shall be to:

a.   Succeed to the office and powers of President in his/her absence or for the remainder of the

b.   term if vacated for any reason.

c.   Assist the President in administering the business of the organization.

d.   Be an authorized signature for checks.

VIII.   The duties of the Registrar shall be to:

a.   Registering players for all soccer programs provided by MYSO.

b.   Send appropriate forms and fees to leagues in which MYSO shall participate.

IX.   The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

a.   Attend to all correspondence for the club.

b.   Keep minutes of all Board and general meetings

c.   Keep records as necessary.

d.   Correspond on behalf of MYSO with the knowledge and permission of the President.

e.   Maintain the MYSO website, social media sites

X.   The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

a.   Keep a record of all financial documents.

b.   Be an authorized signature for checks.

c.   Report on the finances at all Board meetings

d.   Submit a written report on the financial status and transactions at the AGM.

XI.   The duties of the Immediate Past President shall be to:

a.   Perform duties as requested by the President or Board.

XII.   The duties of the Coaching Director shall be to:

a.   Supervising, recruiting, training and develop quality coaches and programs for the club

XII.   The duties of the SCSL Spring Director shall be to:

a.   Officially represent MYSO in the South Coast Soccer League (SCSL).

b.   Scheduling and rescheduling all games in accordance with the S.C.S.L. By-laws and Constitution.

c.   Submit a report from the SCSL meeting at the Board meetings.

XIX.   The duties of the Referee Assignor shall be to:

a.   Schedule certified referees for all home SCSL games.

b.   Schedule referees (certification strongly desired, but not required) for the fall recreation games.

c.   Serve as mentor to younger referees.

d.   Involve experienced referees in the recruitment and mentoring process.

XX.   The duties of the SCSL Alternate shall be to:

a.   Assume the duties of the Spring Director in the event of his/her absence.

XXI.   The duties of the Members at Large shall be to:

a.   Serve on at least one committee.

b.   Assist the Board in administering the business of the organization.

Article 3

Membership Procedure

I. The act of registering a child for any program of MYSO shall constitute application for membership.

II. Serving as a coach, assistant coach, referee, or any other capacity designated by the Board shall likewise constitute application for membership.

III. Any other qualified person may submit an application in writing or electronically to the secretary for consideration by the Board.

IV. Upon acceptance of an application, the applicant shall become a full and active member subject to and bound by the Constitution and By-laws of MYSO and any other rules that may be established by the Board.

V. All members (coaches, parents, referees, administrators, etc.) are to conduct themselves in accordance with the Coaches Code of Conduct adopted by MYSA, the Zero Tolerance Policy adopted by the SCSL and the MYSO Codes of Conduct. These documents mentioned are considered part of the By-laws.

VI. The Board shall have the authority to suspend or remove any member of MYSO whose conduct is considered inappropriate or detrimental to the organization as outlined in these By-laws, provided that

reasonable notice of such intent is given to the person in question and an opportunity to be heard by

the board is given, prior to any action being taken.

VII. All Board members, coaches, referees, assistant coaches and managers over the age of 17 must pass a CORI check annually.

VIII. All members have the right to address the board provided written or electronic notice is made to the President in advance of the next meeting.

Article 4


I. Non-attendance by a board member amounting to three consecutive meetings, and/or four meetings in a fiscal year; shall be grounds for recommendation of dismissal and shall require a majority vote of the Board. Written notice of such intent will be given to the board member in question and an opportunity to be heard by the board will be given, prior to any action being taken.

II. The Secretary shall notify a board member in writing when he/she has been relieved of duty.

Article 5


I. All members at large are required to actively serve on a minimum of one committee per year.

II. Committees may be created or disbanded as needed by the President with the approval of the Board.

III. Members of committees are to be appointed annually. Members may be re-appointed. The Treasurer is a permanent member of the finance committee.

IV. A representative from each committee shall be responsible to report and submit to the Board for approval the programs, decisions and activities of their group.

V. The Committee Representatives will be appointed by the committee they represent.

VI. Standing Committees include:

a. Nominating

i. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members in good standing appointed by the President at least thirty days prior to the AGM. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers at the AGM.

b. Education Scholarship

i. The Education Scholarship Committee shall consist of a minimum of three members in good standing appointed by the President.

ii. MYSO may award from 1 to 4 scholarships annually totaling up to $2000.00.

iii. A recommendation may be made by the committee not to give out any awards in any given school year, or to decrease the total amount awarded.

iv. The application process will be handled by the students’ high school, and will be presented at their high schools’ scholarship award ceremony.

v. To be awarded the MYSO scholarship, the student must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a resident of the town of Mashpee.

2. Be a graduating high school senior, accepted to and attending a 2 or 4 year accredited school or program.

3. Must have three years involvement with MYSO as a player.

4. Must have played soccer at their high school and/or has dedicated time helping MYSO with coaching, refereeing, or setup and cleanup for games throughout their high school career.

vi. The selection process will include the application requirements as well as consideration given to grades, class rank, financial need and community involvement.

vii. Scholarship Awards are based on the decision of the MYSO Education Scholarship Committee with the approval of the MYSO Board of Directors.

c. Finance

i. To be determined by the committee and approved by the Board.

Article 6

Financial Policy

I. The fiscal year will be from January 1st until December 31st

II. Major expenses over $500 shall require approval of the Board.

III. All moneys shall be deposited in either a savings or checking account in the MYSO name.

IV. Bills shall be paid when due.

V. All bills paid require a valid invoice or receipt.

VI. Checks over $500 shall be signed by two authorized signers.

VII. Authorized check signers shall be the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. In the event that two of these officers are related to each other, than the Secretary will replace one of them as authorized signers.

VIII. Funds shall be spent only in the interest of MYSO.

IX. On approval of the Board, a team may raise its own funds to spend at its discretion. MYSO shall not be responsible for financial liabilities incurred by a team (such as fines, etc.)

X. Reasonable lodging and transportation costs incurred by a coach whose team is a participant in the MTOC may be reimbursed by MYSO upon review by the finance committee and approval by the board.

XI. Should MYSO be dissolved, all funds currently in the treasury will be donated to a like 501C (3) organization.

Article 7

I. MYSO may set registration deadline dates. If the deadline has passed, players will be accommodated according to the late registration procedure as set by the board.

II. All players must register with their appropriate age group.

III. Players/Guardians shall fill out the MYSA/USYSA Membership Form and shall verify their date of birth with an acceptable form of proof such as a birth certificate.

IV. Teams will be formed based upon the registration and be designed to place every player in their appropriate age group.

V. If there are not enough players in an age group, the players may be placed in another appropriate age group if possible.

VI. Final approval for each team is at the discretion of and the responsibility of the Board.

VII. All fees shall be decided by the Board prior to the registration period for each season and shall be due upon registration. All fees need to be paid before player is allowed to participate. All registration fees are non-refundable.

VIII. The Board may grant a waiver for all fees or a portion of them based upon financial hardship. The member must initiate the procedure by requesting assistance via e-mail or letter to any board member.

Determination of assistance will be made on a case by case basis.

IX. Vouchers will be provided for Board Members and Members at Large who have met the attendance requirement from the AGM to the current AGM meeting as per board discretion. 

Article 8


I. The Spring soccer program is a competitive travel program, where players try out for positions on a team. Playing time is at the discretion of the coaches.

II. The Fall soccer program is recreational and educational. All players are expected to participate in practices and games in an equitable manner.

III. Parents are expected to participate by ensuring that their children are on time and picked up for both practices and games.

IV. Parents should support the coach and referees, help maintain discipline and promote good sportsmanship.

Article 9


I. Referees shall be certified and competent for the level of games they are officiating.

II. Referees will be assigned to officiate games by the MYSO appointed Assignor.

III. Referees are responsible for paying for the certification course and uniforms.

IV. After a full spring season of service to MYSO, referees will be reimbursed for their annual recertification fees pending Board approval.

Article 10

Modification to the By-laws

I. The By-laws, or any section there of, may be amended by a simple majority vote of the Board members present at any scheduled Board meeting.

Revised November 2020

Approved November 2020